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Gareth Cotter is an award winning ARB registered Architect with nearly a decade of experience creating rich and expressive architectural designs from concept to completion.


Experience extends from leading the designs of luxury hotel and golf resorts, dense and meandering hotel schemes in the heart of london to seaside retreats in rural Cornwall.

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Passionate about creative design, innovative solutions and a celebration of green design. Creating architecture that connects and enlivens its natural and historic landscape. 

We have extensive experience across a range of sectors with proposals of various scales, every architectural project has the possibility to be a rich, creative endeavor that improves its owner's lives and enlivens its surroundings.


Establishing the initial design is an exciting but complex challenge and is the most important facet of any project. Creative skill is required to draw out the potential of any project and deft imagination creates a building that exceeds the client's expectations. A combination of CAD software 3D visualisations, hand drawings and virtual reality can bring the concepts to life and show their potential and placement in the local area. 

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With extensive experience across the planning sector, the project can be guided through the various planning-related stages. This includes pre-applications with the local planning authorities, public consultations and appointing and working with a wide range of consultants to help achieve planning success. 

A comprehensive and detailed set of construction drawings are key in delivering a successful and financially viable building that can be properly costed and constructed. Working together with various engineers, Building Control and councils to help bring to fruition the final building. 

Detailing & Tendering

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